When in Wandsworth Town Renewal 2022-27

2022 heralds a new start (and a new look) for Wandsworth Town.

Our first term as Wandsworth Town BID is coming to an end. The plans we made five years ago when we began have served their purpose, but the world has changed, and Wandsworth Town along with it.

We are now looking to secure a second term with a fresh BID starting 1st April 2022 to further develop Wandsworth Town and make it the best place it can be for all the businesses that call the town centre home. As Wandsworth Town BID we have established the town centre as a place to visit, shop and socialise. Now we are going forward as When in Wandsworth Town.

Everything we do is to ensure that our businesses get the help they need. As When In Wandsworth Town, we can use our collective voice to represent your business to local authorities such as the council, the police and TFL, but also assist in smaller every day matters such as providing additional street cleaning for the area and putting on seasonal events to increase footfall and spend in Wandsworth Town businesses.

We have spent time talking with and listening to the businesses in Wandsworth Town. From your wants and needs, we have put together our Business Plan for the next five years, to ensure that Wandsworth Town is safer, greener, cleaner and has more to offer everyone who works and visits the town centre.

All levy-paying businesses are eligible to vote in our upcoming ballot. The result of the ballot will determine the future of Wandsworth Town.

Only a ‘yes’ vote for When in Wandsworth Town Business Improvement District can make these changes happen.

Levy-paying businesses will receive their ballot in the post. To ensure your vote is counted, post it in the enclosed free return envelope between February 8th until March 10th.

Voting closes at 5pm on March 10th. Any ballot papers received after this time will not be counted.

Please let us know if there is anything in our new business plan you would like to discuss – and thank you so much for your support.

View the When in Wandsworth Town Business Plan 2022-2027

View the list of eligible voters

View the Consultation Summary

View the map of the Town Centre and Street List

View the Baseline Service Agreement

View the Operating Agreement